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Feb 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
states where action has been taken. tremendous loss. we have seen it in georgia and alabama. university of georgia estimates because of resulting worker shortages in just seven key berry and vegetable crops, they will suffer $7 billion of losses every year. the professor at the university of alabama, estimates that alabama will face between $2 billion and $11 billion in annual economic losses. is this what we want? i think we need to face facts. the law has been broken for decades. people took matters into their own hands. yes, the farmers came without obeying the rules, but almost every fruit and vegetable farmer in the country broke the rules. the government let it all happen. we're all at fault. we need to recognize that and do what is right for the country. we can't allow ideology to trump common sense. with that, mr. chairman, i yield back. >> i thank the gentle lady. the good news is we have the hearing this morning. the bad news is the bell just went off and we have votes. we'll get back as quickly as possible. we may lose some members along the way, but this will be an important
Feb 25, 2012 11:30pm EST
of georgia. the nominees are frederick douglass, stonewall jackson, admiral david farragut and george mcclellan. you're watching live all-day coverage on "american history tv" on c-span3. >> ladies and gentlemen, if you could return to your seats and let us get restarted. is the mike not on yet? okay, good. the mike's on? okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's get restarted. gee whiz, jack mountcastle, george mcclellan, what an interesting choice. it's my great pleasure to introduce our fifth and final nominator, emery thomas. he drove up from athens, georgia, where he's a professor of history emeritus at the university of georgia, but he's really coming home. he and his wife fran are native richmonders. as a matter of fact, emery starred on the thomas jefferson high school football team as the center and the quarterback was james henry benford p.iii who is now the superintendent at the virginia military institute. emery went from thomas jefferson to the university of virginia, where he was a two-sports star. one as the center on the football team, and two is the captain of the party team at
Feb 4, 2012 5:48am PST
was published this year by the university of georgia press. it is available at the back of the auditorium this afternoon. it is called blood ties and brown liquor. and he is also been the finalist for the 2006 poetry prize. please, join me in welcoming mr. sean hill. [applause]. >> i want to read from blood and brown liquor today. this book is about my home town in georgia. it's also where [inaudible] is from. and i started researching the history of [inaudible] and sort of fell into the history of black people there because it was not taught in school. so -- in order to write about the history i had to invent a character to explore this history. the character's name is si loss wright. >> first poem i will read is titled silos write at age 71914. it's about silos follows a fishing riggel in the shallows. he describes the line in his tablet as much pride in that line as a man and his son. he giggles and goes on. the next letters come easy. with this he will have more than a mark to bind. rambling across the page again and again in messy rows along it flows until he goes off the page's ed
Feb 23, 2012 10:30am EST
photo id that they could have easily gotten. in fact, in the aclu case in georgia, this very same claim was made, and i've actually got copies of the depositions in that case. and in each deposition of a witness that was brought forward by the aclu, it turned out in the questioning each of these individuals could have easily gotten a photo id, they just didn't bother to do it before the election. that is not a problem -- well, the judge -- that's certainly what the judge said. people can read the opinion themselves and they'll see how the case was dismissed. the case was dismissed and the law has now been in effect since that dismissal for five years, and in that entire time, the aclu has not gone back to court and come up with any individuals who will be unable to vote because of that photo id law. by the way, at least half a dozen of the plaintiffs, named plaintiffs in the aclu lawsuit in wisconsin are people who have photo driver's licenses from other states, and their complaint is they don't want to have to trade in their driver's license from another state and get a wisconsin drive
Feb 25, 2012 3:00pm EST
and final nominator, emery thomas. he drove up from athens, georgia, where he's a professor of history emeritus at the university of georgia, but he's really coming home. he and his wife fran are native richmo richmonders. as a matter of fact, emery starred on the thomas jefferson high school football team as the center and the quarterback was james henry benford p.iii who is now the superintendent at the virginia military institute. emery went from thomas jefferson to the university of virginia, where he was a two-sports star. one as the center on the football team, and two is the captain of the party team at the deke house. emery has written widely and perceptively on many aspects of confederate history and biography including the volume about the confederacy in the new american nation series, an acclaimed biographies of jeb stewart and robert e. lee. he's an old friend of the museum of the confederacy and has written and lectured about the museum itself and its role in civil war memory. his latest work "the dogs of war 1861" is a collection of essays that are apropos of the civil wa
Feb 14, 2012 4:48pm PST
being sent money. that became legislation in georgia, virginia, ariz., many other places. in fact, i consulted a lot of smaller groups in sports officiating and ended up being the worst official to be on the board of directors of the national association of sports officials. when i sit back, everybody says oh, no, cannot downgrade yourself. everyone else in the room is nfl, nba, major league baseball. i will not deceive myself into thinking that someone who calls this young man's games belongs in that company on the floor. i belong in it because i facilitated it and help people. of course at the high school and middle school level. we help people get scholarships. we help people who are catholics get scholarships. jewish get scholarships, africa -- african-americans get scholarships. we do more than just roll ball out. i do not ruled out at all. i am the commissioner. i said at a desk. you had better do something. we get them scholarships and we helped them. we have to million dollars for the community. and the community in the southeast side of town. i still help with san francisco
FOX News
Feb 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
. for newt gingrich, georgia is a must win. he began his political career there and it has the biggest purse. >> we are going to win the georgia primary. and win it decisively. >> santorum needs a win in ohio. the quintessential bellwether swing state but he failed to qualify for delegates in three congressional districts and plans to emphasize economy and roots in next door pennsylvania. he is running strong in tennessee, oklahoma, north dakota and iowa. ron paul was grueling the federal reserve chairman in d d.c. and goes to washington state caucuses saturday and attacks all three rivals. >> one is serial hypocrite. >> romney asked by a reporter today if he supports the blunt amendment in congress to allow employers and i surers to deny health coverage they find morally objectionable. romney told them he does not support the measure. in moments aides were saying he was confused by the question and may have misspoken but for the record, romney does support the amendment which would allow employers and insurance company to deny coverage they time morally objectionable. no confusion there. >>
Feb 18, 2012 6:00am EST
a campaign rally in peach georgia. georgia is holding its republican presidential primary on super tuesday march 6. 76 delegates are at stake in the election. ♪ >> how are you all? i am thrilled to be here tonight. maybe because i love georgia and i am thrilled to have him here. i am thrilled to be in peachtree, because i love running the 15 k here. it is a great race for those who have not done that. you are always so hospitable. thank you so much. tonight, it is my honor to introduce colistin gingrich. i want to say a few words about her. watching her on the campaign trail has been absolutely wonderful. she has put in more hours than you can imagine. she has not complained. she gets up every day and smiles, as she does now. she has always been such a supporter of, father in this campaign. i am thrilled because she is also a "the new york times," best seller. she has a great children's book out. if you have some little ones here go get her book. [applause] i want everyone to know that she is behind my dad with my dead every day working incredibly hard. please give her a very warm welcom
Feb 17, 2012 1:30pm EST
in georgia. >> right. >> one of the things we have things we have discovered in this study, our data is woefully underserved. we need to determine what those needs are and if we could get that ceiling in the proper place. i think that's a good rate. >> we will touch the third rail of immigration and take this away from immigration and call it what it is. it is an economic tool necessary to keep our economy, local economy, national economy at work, then i think we might be able to have an intelligent talk about this and pass some legislation. if we can pass the legislation we can start gathering the data necessary to find out what our labor needs are on a basis. mr. wenger, how do you feel about the caps? >> i think caps are dangerous, because we have heard from those folks who are in h2a and if they could fix h2a, they can bring their workers in. as we look about seasons and folks up in the northeast and northern areas, i think if you have a cap then those in the southern parts of this country are going to be better served quicker. and others won't. we need agriculture across this co
Feb 23, 2012 10:00am EST
in the polling place. the aclu filed a lawsuit against the state of georgia back in 2005 when georgia passed its photo i.d. law. there was two years of litigation. the exact same claims being made today by the aclu and others that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who will be unavailable to vote because they don't have a photo id and won't be able to obtain the free photo id that every state has provided as part of their law, it turned out and the reason their lawsuit was dismissed by the federal judge was because -- i don't want to give you a lot of quotes. this quote is worth giving to you. this is from the georgia federal district court that dismissed the acl's lawsuit. although plaintiffs claim to know of people who claim they lack photo id, plaintiffs have failed to identify those individuals. the failure to identify those individuals is particularly acute in light of the plaintiff's contention that a large number of georgia voters lack acceptable photo id. the fact that plaintiffs, in spite of their efforts, have failed to uncover anyone who can attest to the fact that sh
Feb 9, 2012 8:00pm EST
in georgia? >> yes, ma'am. but what would be important to know there is whether or not the family's actually with them or not. >> okay. i have to move quickly. all right. i thank you. i have to move rather quickly. do you have any american workers in your fields? u.s. -- >> very, very limited numbers. >> do they come when you call them? >> i'm sorry? >> do they come when you call them? >> i'd say the best example i have of that is one of my growers in tipton, georgia, this past year, under his requirements of h-2a and hiring people processed 1,500 workers and he got eight of them to stay. >> okay. mr. wenger, housing, schooling? >> currently, a lot of growers will provide housing, they see that as an attractant to get workers. it is not required. schooling, if they have children, they go to the public schools. >> it's open to them? >> yes. >> mr. wicker of north carolina? >> i can only speak to our h-2a and the families won't travel with them. the state department doesn't offer them visas. >> what about workers for mr. wicker? >> schooling is available -- >> no, american workers working in y
Feb 25, 2012 11:15pm EST
on the road against georgia tech, looking for a season sweep. a big first half for the senior guard, who scored 14 points, including four 3s and maryland led by six at the break. two minutes left and maryland down by 1. going hard to the hole for the tough lay-in. the terps take a 56-55 lead and with under 30 to go, brandon reid three and his money. maryland falls to georgia tech, 63-51 and fall to 6-8 in acc play. >>> and paul hewitt and george mason on the road. the regular season finale against bcu. in the first half, corey edwards turns it over and there you see it with the steal and goes the distance for the lay- in. bcu on a 25-5 run and take a 20- point lead. in the second half, starting to chip away at the lead and brian allen misses. pearson on cleanup duty, cutting the deficit to single digits. bcu was out for revenge. late in the game, the touchdown pass for the dunk and falls 89- 77 and the rams earn the sec seed in the caa tournament. and au over lafayette, 76-59 and gw beats duquesne, 56-61, and howard, 63-46. >>> virginia hosting north carolina. late in the game, john tell
Feb 28, 2012 3:00am PST
georgia willette. let me say a few words before i turn it over to her. there are people in a neighborhood who are so remarkable that they essentially become the face of that neighborhood. when it comes to allegany, many know mama georgia as the mayor. as the supervisor of district 9, i know enough to know that the mayor otrumps the supervisor of district 9. when it comes to making sure that we understand what is happening in that community, you go to moll, ga. to know that. mama georgia to know that. she has been a resident of that neighborhood for 46 years, she has been a long time active member of the community with the entire vernal heights neighborhood and a longtime volunteer. you can see she has been the there for many years. she has been a participant at the neighborhood center, she has been a leader in the community that has been active on some many issues involving the rights of tenants. she has fought for so many years to make sure that we bring the necessary resources for the housing community, and in particular, focusing on the needs of young people. there are some many young
Feb 29, 2012 6:30pm EST
decidido por la corte suprema este mismo aÑo. el futuro de cientos de inmigrantes de georgia y alabama estÁ en manos de jueces por las leyes antiindocumentados mÁs severas del paÍs, vanessa hauc estÁ en atlanta georgia y dices ahÍ nos cuenta cÓmo estÁ el ambiente, vanessa adelante? >>> asÍ es josÉ, hoy se vive una tensa calma entre la comunidad inmigrante en este estado, maÑana la batalla serÁ en esta corte de apelaciones y serÁ en el estado de alabama y georgia que exigen im emplplementar sus propia leyes de inmigraciÓn, maÑana la corte ademÁs pe lazio necesar de apelaciones darÁ el paso de estas leyes, al frente de esta batalla estÁ el abogado de inmigraciÓn charles c >>> la gente son mis clientes y amigos y no voy a quedarme sin decir nada en frente de este ataque >>> le pedÍ ran a los 3 jueces bloquear 3 puntos especÍficos de la ley de goer gea eorgia el da policÍa de ver el estatus de quienes detalle n nee detienen >>> hay cerrado varios negocios latinos y americanos >>> a nivel econÓmico se estima que la implementaciÓn de la h b 87 ha provocado perdidas, la agric
Feb 17, 2012 12:30pm EST
and fall of the apa chess. >>> in 1966 julian bond was prevented from take his elected seat in the georgia state house after state representatives voted 184-12 not seat him due to a stance against the vietnam war. his appeal went to the u.s. supreme court. >> went to the court to hear the argument and i was sitting in the court just behind the bar with the lawyers in front of me. i was sitting next to my lawyers' partner and the attorney general of georgia was making argument that georgia had a right to throw me out because i had said things that were treasonous. and i think it was judge white said to him, he said is this all you have? you came all the way up here and this is all you have. i said to his partner we're winning opinion >> discover more about for example history during black history month on american history tv on c-span 3 and online at the c-span video library. search and share from over 25 years of c-span programming. >>> farming officials tell congress current immigration laws make it tougher for them to find workers. at issue is the temporary visa program for immigrants co
Feb 17, 2012 1:00pm EST
as commissioner of the georgia dealt of agriculture. he began his career with the georgia farm bureau in 1980 as representative. later served as coordinator as the state young farmer program. in addition, he served as president of the georgia agriculture business for 21 years and co-managing the georgia food industry. he earned his bachelor's from the university of georgia. the second witness is mr. paul wenger. he is currently serving his second term as president of the california farm bureau federation. in addition to serving as a member of the federation board, he chaired the water advisory committee. in 2011 he was elected to farm bureau board of directors. he's a third generation farmer and earned his bachelor's degree from cal poly san luis obispo. the next witness worked for north carolina employment security position as a technical supervisor for farm employment programs and stayedwide administrator for the h-2a program. mr. wicker has been growing tobacco with his family in lee county, north carolina, since 1978. graduated from the university of north carolina at chapel hill. our fou
Feb 14, 2012 6:00am EST
over it right now. this is georgia avenue at mount caramel north of damascus road. that's route 650. georgia avenue north of damascus road. it looks like it could be a car overturned if i'm not mistaken. authorities there on the scene as you can see. you want to avoid the area east of damascus. we'll keep you posted on this situation. i'm show you where it is on a map if you're planning to head in toward this area. again georgia avenue right here north of damascus road. 270 you see the yellow. that's all the slow traffic you're dealing with trying to leave urbana heading southbound but the lanes are open. we'll take you to a live picture outside. that's shady grove road where no problems down to the point where the lanes divide. just that normal typical slow spots that you deal with on the southbound side of 270. back over to the map. this time to the west side of town of the we're looking great across the american legion bridge. no problems on the dulles toll road. i'm show you what it looks like live on the beltway north side of town at georgia avenue. outer loop still moving well
Feb 2, 2012 1:00pm EST
. the gentleman from florida reserves the balance of his time, which is 11 minutes, and the gentleman from georgia has 20 1/2 minutes is recognized. . mr. woodall: i always enjoyed listening to my friend from new jersey because inevitably i agree with about the first six things he says. all of the facts on which he bases his conclusions i agree on. i reach a completely different set of conclusions. my friends said one of the challenges we have in america is folks think they are working as hard as they can but they are going backwards not forwards. i get that in my district, too. i think the gentleman is absolutely right. and hope is so powerful in that country. when we lose that hope we get ourselves in a world of hurt. i think the gentleman's absolutely right. the gentleman says we can't get the economy back on track unless we get our small businesses moving again. the gentleman is absolutely right. i know it to be true. i see it my chambers of commerce, mr. speaker. bye what then? agreeing that the american people are working as hard as they can and feel like they are going backwards. agreeing t
Feb 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> parts of kentucky, tennessee, mississippi, alabama and even here in georgia. and in virginia and the carolinas later tonight. the problem is, they've been asking me all day, will this be as bad of a night as it was last night. i said, you know what? there will be as many tornadoes tonight but will towns get in the way? in the weather office we don't say that tornadoes hit towns. towns get in the way of the tornado. because that tornado is going to go that way, anyway. will something be in the way of its path? and last night 170 miles per hour, tornadoes were just ravaging parts of southern illinois. 16 of them at least. probably still more than that because they'll be out looking at them. now look at this. john, 750 miles across from east to west. 670 or so miles from north to south. that's the area of severe weather that we're worried about. this is the area that got hit last night but now it's moving to the southeast so all of these areas could also be hit by those same tornadoes. hopefully it just hits farmland. that's typically what happens. people here are saying are tow
Feb 13, 2012 6:30pm EST
is the biggest problem in mexico. and attacks targeting israeli diplomats in georgia, leaving higher tensions with tehran. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs and america, live from mexico's capital city to look at this complicated country. we have a picture of surprising economic optimism, but we also have alarming violence. five years ago, the government launched a war against the drug cartels. drug-related killings have risen, and now in this election year, security is the prime concern of mexico. we have this story. >> of the mexican army has been fighting drug gangs for five years. the mexican people are paying the price. 50,000 have been killed in the war against the cartels. and many mexicans are asking if the price is too high. 3000 or killed in drug-related violence. since president calderon launched an attack on the gangs, the numbers have risen. with trouble spots at ciudad de juarez. she was hounded out by the drug gangs. her sin, being a journalist who wrote an article the drug cartel didn't like. they threatened to kill her and her children. mexico is currently one of the most dang
Feb 18, 2012 3:00am PST
coast. we expect it to come to the east. the severe thunderstorms will pop up for alabama, georgia, florida, mississippi and louisiana in the mix. how it's going to affect you is behind the storm system, denver and billings, highs 45. 45 in portland. 65 in memphis and 63 in atlanta. if you are trying to fly around the nation, dallas, new orleans, major delays also in atlanta and san diego due to the fog. back to you, gary. >> are you a basketball fan? >> i am, indeed. absolutely. >> have you been following the new york knicks and lin? >> amazing story to watch him. >> here is the latest update if you have linsanity. the linning streak is up. he scored 26 points. 89-85 loss to the new orleans hornets. they are not the best team in basketball. they have one of the worst records. the last two weeks lin went from an unknown bench player to leading them to seven straight wins. >>> just a kid from east orange new jersey with the voice of an angel. how is whitney houston remembered in her hometown? find out next. ♪ ♪ i know it's been some time >> so sad, a week ago today she passed aw
Feb 14, 2012 6:30pm EST
tuesday and georgia. georgia is state that newt gingrich should win, he spent ten years representing the atlanta suburbs. newt gingrich has long since moved from georgia, now living in virginia and his now struggling campaign is putting a lot of effort into georgia in early march. he's also campaigning heavily in arizona hoping to pull an upset in that state. and here's the latest from the gingrich campaign. >> 2012, is the most important election in this country since 1860. next year we'll decide whether the disastrous policies of class warfare, bu cattic socialism, radical judges and bureaucrats who treat as subjects rather than citizens will be continued in office or where we will repudiate an 80-year drift, in our colleges and universities, adrift with judges and adrift american politicians. all of us are going to have to make it happen. thank you. good luck and god bless you. >> one of those web video ads from the newt gingrich campaign. by the way, you can follow the campaign on c-span's site for politics. we want to take a step back and look at one issue that rick santorum is
Feb 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
the cartels. security is mexico's biggest problem. it when bombs target israeli diplomats in india and georgia -- twin bombs target israeli diplomats in india and georgia, leading to increased tension between israel and tehran. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. we are coming to you live from mexico city, where we have found a surprising story of economic success. but we have also found drug violence in alarming measure. five years ago, the government of felipe calderÓn launched the war against the drug cartels. the results have been dramatic. drug-related deaths have soared. security in this critical election year is mexico's biggest problem. my colleague is reporting from here in mexico city. >> the mexican army has been fighting drug gangs for five years. the mexican people are paying the price. 50,000 have been killed in the government's war against the cartels. many mexicans are asking if the prices too hi -- price is too high. 2007, less than 3000 were killed in drug-related violence. since felipe calderÓn launched his assault on the drug gangs, the numbers
Feb 10, 2012 4:30am EST
regulatory commission okayed a plan to build two new atomic reactors in eastern georgia. the new reactors would be built on an existing site owned by the southern company. the construction plan would have the 14 billion dollar reactors operating as soon as 2016. two other nuclear plants in south carolina are also being considered for approval in the next few months. >>> following the deadly soccer riot in egypt, the muslim brotherhood is flexing its newfound muscle in egypt, calling for the military there to surrender power to a new civilian government. the group once outlawed in egypt now controls more than 50% of the seats in a newly elected parliament. the brotherhood wants one of its leader named prime minister so he can form a new government instead of waiting until the june deadline for the generals now in charge to hand over power. more than 70 people died in the soccer riot which the muslim brotherhood showed the military failed to provide leadership, security, and economic stability. >>> here is a look at some of the other stories making news early today in america. >>> dramatic
Feb 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >>> with nearly two weeks until super tuesday, newt gingrich is 13e7bding his in his own state of georgia. he is trying to drum up support with former presidential hopeful herman cain. he continues his attack against mitt romney. >> you tell your friends and neighbors, tell folks on facebook, when they are seeing a negative romney ad all they need to know is that it's paid for by wall street money and it's false. >> gingrich is hoping to capitalize on previous success in georgia. he was the state representative in congress for 20 years >>> a big arrest for the fbi yesterday. they took down a suspected terrorist near the capitol. the man was planning to detonate a suicide bomb. just ahead, we are joined by wtop's national security correspondent, j.j. green to give us some insight.  >>> a suicide terror plot targeting the u.s. capitol foiled. the 29-year-old morroccan man failed. we have more about the terror suspect. joining us now is j.j. green. thank you for being with us ton. >> my pleasure. >> do we know yet what may have provoked al khalisi. >> some of the documents that i have seen seem
Feb 17, 2012 4:30am EST
, then a right on georgia avenue. and you can reconnect to the beltway at this time. now, other issues, we have i-95 northbound shut down. this is at route 80 near the maryland toll house. be aware that we have a tractor-trailer fire. if you're heading out of town, heading to pennsylvania, even new york, your i-95 is shut down at this time. going to keep watching both accidents for you. traveling in the district, we had new york avenue shut down at florida avenue. that looks to be open right now. so again, if this is your commute, you're good. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at both the accidents. over to tom. we have a lot of fog on the road. how long is this going to last? >> all the way to mid morning. thanks. we have dense fog. it's really thick. in fact, right along the president obama, right where reagan national is located. south and east, much of southern maryland has very dense fog. visibilities are down to near zero across parts of central virginia. right now, we have it near 40 degrees at washington. in the mid 40s elsewhere across much of west virginia, virginia and maryland.
Feb 19, 2012 4:00pm EST
's still in it to win it but worries about losing his home state of georgia. what's his thought? jackie kushman joins me later in the hour. we'll talk again later in the the hour. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...we inspected his brakes for free. free is good. free is very good. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> we continue to delve into the issues in the presidential campaign every sunday. we're spending this hour of the "cnn newsroom" letting you hear from the contenders as they spell out the plans for the future for the united states. presidential hopeful ron paul has not won a single state but says he has no plans to drop out of the race. he dismissed rick santorum as a pretend conservative on candy crowl crowley's "state of the union," and he was asked if he can beat president obama come november. >> well, i don't see how that's possible. this whole idea about the whole talking about social issues and who's going to pay for birth control pills, i'm worrying about, you know, undermining our civil liberty, the constant wars going
FOX News
Feb 29, 2012 2:00am PST
different states will do battle. you will hear a lot of talk about virginia and georgia, tennessee, and oklahoma. but the critical state will be the 63 delegates on the map in the state of ohio. this is our economic landscape map here. the deeper the red, the tougher trouble you have had over the past four years or so. if you are in green, well, you are doing all right. you have a surplus of jobs since barack obama has taken the white house. but here in ohio with the republican governor, john caseic, who breaks continuously by getting more companies and jobs to the buckeye state, the unemployment is down to 8.1% which is slightly below the national average. but jobs and the economy, taxes, deficit spending will be a priority in ohio as we go threw seven days from now. back to you guys as we look toward super tuesday in a week. >> no one can work that board like bill. >> he's almost as at home there as he is in old senate, his native cities, where the candidates are going to be very soon. i think they will have a lot of skyline chili. >> that would be my native state and home state
FOX News
Feb 2, 2012 1:00pm PST
and in addition, he also promised free trade with georgia. i don't think he will ever promise it to russia for the time being. it could be for the times, but otherwise, i don't think anything is comparable between those two. >> does he take it out on you? me reading body language. but you have done a number of business dealings with donald trump. donald trump no fan of the president. it's kind of a hands off dealing with the president of georgia from the president of the united states. >> i don't think at that moment it could have been on his mind. i think we have very good meeting with the president. he promised us that he will work on deal with georgia, which is a big deal. it promised america would help us with bolstering our self-defense. they spoke about georgia very highly. if you're a small country like georgia confronted with great unfairness and justice, there is only country in the world to whom you can turn to, with whom you share your values that's out there, at least supportive morally, and in this case, concrete terms, this is the united states. whoever the president is. that
Feb 10, 2012 2:30am EST
to georgia's new immigration law. but if i'm reading the report correctly, you can just say yes or no, the survey was a 570 people who responded. and reported their losses. but we don't know whether all those people were even farmers, and my understanding is that there are 48,000 farms in georgia. so the $10 million reported loss on the 570 who responded to the survey is not all that was lost in georgia if we have 48,000 farms. wouldn't that be correct? >> yes, ma'am. if i may explain the rationale, the methodology on the survey, rather than doing economic models and extrapolating, we wanted to ask direct questions of our 800 responders to the surveys, they were all farm earns. of the ones that -- that answered the economic impact question, that was the 500 number you mentioned. and we said 26% of those indicated losses that totaled over $10 million. >> i see. >> so that's roughly 125, 130 farmers. then one can extrapolate that however you might care, but we know that was the direct impact to those producers and their response. >> i'll just note that the university of georgia has done
Feb 14, 2012 6:00am EST
is flying over an accident that has happened recently in. you are looking at georgia avenue closed southbound near mount colorado cemetery road which is near new hampshire ave. georgia avenue is blocked. one vehicle and rolled over and two other vehicles involved in the crash. until they can move things, georgia avenue southbound will not be an option. there is police direction. mass transit, orange line delay is to start the morning commute. there was a disabled train at the boston station that is being removed. expect delays on the orange line,. now 2 adam caskey. >> a little action on the radar screen, nothing to get in the way of your travel plans to and from work today. just a few isolated hits of precipitation possible. areas of white will endorse the shenandoah valley approaching the 81 corridor, not everything you see is precipitation hitting the ground. some of it is just in the clouds. there are few snowflakes to the west and north along the mason-dixon line. a dusting at best is what it looks like. 35 degrees in mount airy. 34 in remington. if 30 degrees in strasbourg, v
Feb 17, 2012 5:00am EST
on the inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. you must exit onto connecticut avenue. back to you. >> thank you. >>we start with breaking news. a child in critical condition and another is stable after a house fire in district heights. >> john gonzalez is on the scene with what he has learned so far. good morning. >> good morning. the fire is finally out. fire investigators are sifting through this and unit -- end unit. when fire officials arrived early this morning they found a family outside but a 3-year-old girl was still trapped inside her second-floor bedroom. with the house engulfed in flames, they were able to get to her through the bedroom window. they rushed her to a hospital where she is in critical condition. the adult residents were able to rescue a 9-year-old boy from the home before firefighters arrived. he was suffering from smoke inhalation and is in serious but stable condition in hospital. it's firefighters made a quick rescue of that child from the window down a ladder. the child was transported to united hospital in southeast with cpr in progress. >> th
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